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The opening of accounts, personal or corporate, in Cyprus or overseas banks, is one of the services provided by the firm's management companies.
AlfaZeda Associates Limited is an approved introducer to almost all banking institutions in Cyprus as well as several banking institutions overseas which allows the firm to promptly service its clients with all the necessary means to operate a bank account from Cyprus or abroad.
The firm's bank account services extend from the opening of an account to actually servicing an account on behalf and on the instructions of a client.
Our Banking department is ready to serve you with the following services. The list of banks we associate can be sent to you upon request.
  1. Opening and management of personal and corporate bank accounts
  2. Payments/Transfers
  3. Invoicing
  4. International money transfers
  5. Issuance of debit and credit cards
  6. Access to bank accounts via the Internet
  7. Services for clearance of the Companies
Web Banking
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