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ALFAZEDA ASSOCIATES LIMITED is a dynamic and very rapidly expanding Company, main function is to assist professional advisers and their clients, to establish and maintain International Business Enterprises.
The initial motivating factor may be the need to reduce punitive taxation, or to protect assets from a hostile environment where hard-earned wealth is threatened by political instability or by excessive litigious action.
Our expertise ensures full advantage or astute tax planning and confidentiality of our clients’ interest.
We are based in Cyprus, which is one of the world’s leading International Business areas. The island enjoys many important advantages, including political stability and a legal system based on common law. These strengths ensure long tem benefits to our international client base.
We specialize in the following key areas:
  1. The creation, establishment, management and administration of local and International Business Enterprises
  2. Advice on foreign and local investment, Tax planning for companies and individuals
  3. Local Tax compliance
  4. Audit and Accounting services
  5. Management consultancy services
  6. Preparation of feasibility studies and cash flow statements
  7. Advice and assistance in financing operations
  8. Assistance in opening and operating Bank Accounts
We are proud of the high standard of personal service, professionally delivered, in the administration of companies that we manage.
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